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    In the early phase of tumor formation, PET imaging can understand the molecular mechanisms of tumorigenesis and the pathogenesis of tumor development on dynamic process by tumor imaging. In addition, in-vivo imaging of cancer-specific biomarkers, such as tumor metabolism, proliferation, angiogenesis, hypoxia, apoptosis, using PET technique can investigate the changes of the tumor microenvironment. Currently, PET imaging is mainly used to detect the targets and mechanisms of anticancer drugs, predict the sensitivity and resistance of anticancer drugs, and assess the treatment effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 



    Using microPET for candidates’ selection, we can find a decrease in tumor SUV of No.106 and No.8002 candidates in Day 2and Day 3. Later the traditional PD method shows that No.106 and No.8002candidates can significantly decrease tumor volume.

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